Using tactile sensors and machine learning to improve how robots manipulate fabrics

By Ingrid Fadelli, contributing writer for

In recent years, roboticists have been trying to improve how robots interact with different objects found in real-world settings. While some of their efforts yielded promising results, the manipulation skills of most existing robotic systems still lag behinds those of humans.


How AI and decision intelligence are changing the way we work

By Ofir Paldi, contributing writers for

In a digital world fueled by a steady influx of data, achieving organizational excellence depends on giving everyone immediate access to accurate, up-to-date information. Organizational-wide communication and collaboration are vital. Mission-critical decisions, in particular, depend on the timely sharing of lessons learned and insights from all departments.


How archaeologists can use AI to date our ancestors

By Katyanna Quach, contributing writer for

AI algorithms can be used to date ancient human remains by analyzing their DNA, just-published research has proposed.


Practical AI techniques for operationalizing big data in enterprises

By Jaidev Amrite, contributing writer for

A unique convergence of three mega trends helped bring Artificial Intelligence out of academia and made it ubiquitous in everyday applications  – big data, cloud compute, and advanced algorithms. Today, AI has fundamentally changed how software is written and it is integrated into daily digital experiences, such as writing emails, searching the web, buying clothing, searching and listening to music, and building websites. Somewhat slower, though, has been the spread of AI in the global infrastructure systems of manufacturing, transportation, aviation, power generation, financial services, and other industries.



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