In our last roundup of 2018, we look back at what has happened this year and what we might see happen in 2019. We dig further into our predictions for AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics along with experts from MarTech and Data-Magnum. We also discuss how we see marketers advancing from a digital-first philosophy to a data-first mindset that encompasses the customer journey.

Top MarTech Predictions for 2019: 11 Experts Share Their Vision

by Shalaka Nalawade Editor, Martech Advisor featured on

As we welcome 2019, eleven leaders from various brands and industries share their top predictions for the industry. Will AI take over all aspects of marketing? Will CDP reign supreme in 2019? What will be the role of predictive analytics in personalization? Experts answer all these and more questions as they share their vision for 2019 with MarTech Advisor.


Seven Predictions for AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics in 2019 

By Andrea Steffes-Tuttle, Marketing Director for Lityx

There was plenty of noise about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics in 2018. And we don’t expect it to be any quieter in 2019. To help you make sense of the hype, we’ve compiled some key takeaways from and predictions for these technologies, so you can position your business for success in the new year—and beyond.


Five Predictions about Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI for 2019

by Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director for Data Science Central and President & Chief Data Scientist at Data-Magnum, featured on

Bill Vorhies details his 2019 predictions for data science, machine learning, and AI. Along with what trends will speed up, what things will actually happen, and what things won’t in the coming year for data science, machine learning, and AI. He also takes a look back at last year’s predictions to see how we did.


Signal’s 2019 Predictions: Marketers Move From Digital-First to Data-First

by Michael Tilus, Media Contact for Signal featured on

As customer engagement evolves, marketing decision-makers can no longer depend on experience, intuition and secondhand information to illuminate the path forward. Brand success in 2019 and beyond means advancing from a digital-first philosophy to a data-first mindset that encompasses the customer journey in its totality, says Signal.


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