Using predictive analytics and machine learning for engaging content

By Dean Scaduto, contributing writer for

Your businesses could be leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning to help provide a more personalized user experience.


ML technique to control a robot, leading to better performance with less data

By Niharika Singh, contributing writer for

Researchers from MIT and Stanford University have introduced a novel machine-learning technique that has the potential to revolutionize the control of robots, such as drones and autonomous vehicles, in dynamic environments with rapidly changing conditions.


Lay groundwork now for advanced analytics, AI

By Robert Scheier, contributing writer for

Proper data integration, modeling, and maintenance make up the unglamorous but necessary foundation for high-impact analytics and AI applications. Without it, data is too hard to access and, even if can be analyzed, will deliver inaccurate results.


How the US Department Of State is transforming decision-making by with data analytics and AI

By Kathleen Walch, contributing writer for

Government agencies are harnessing the power of data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance decision-making processes and better serve the nation’s interests on the global stage. Leveraging emerging technologies, the US State Department has embraced a data-driven approach to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in its operations.


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