This week, we feature articles that cover how best to develop an effective long-term data strategy for your company. We share how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will redefine your marketing campaigns–and walk through what this looks like. We highlight six case studies Machine-Learning (ML) powered email marketing campaign successes. And we look at what’s required to make your marketing campaigns as smart as they possibly can be with the use of AI technologies.

Developing an Effective Long-Term Data Strategy For Your Company

by Ruben Ugarte for

Data can give you a competitive advantage if implemented correctly from the beginning. Develop an effective short and long-term data strategy by keeping a few key things in mind as you build. Start with a good analytics foundation. Avoid the common analytics pitfalls. Ensure your analytics strategy can change over time. These helpful tipsand moreare covered in this article.


How AI Will Redefine the Modern Marketing Campaign

by John Raguin, written for

AI has tremendous computing power of a vast amount of accessible data. As a result, you can do amazing things when it comes to your marketing. This article explores how AI will redefine the elements of marketing. It illustrates what a campaign of the future may look like from audience, content, calendar, creative, and measurement standpoints. It comes down to the ability to pinpoint and personalize every aspect of the purchasing process. Find out how.


Six Case Studies of Machine-Learning Powered Email Marketing

by Nikki Gilliland, featured on

Machine Learning is being used by more and more companies to create effective, high-scale, yet highly targeted email campaigns. Read six case studies of companies experiencing real success with powerful ML tools using this approach. And you won’t believe the results!


Riding the Wave of AI: Is Your Marketing Campaign as Smart as It Can Be?

featured content by IBM Watson Marketing on

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based marketing tools are changing the nature of how marketers make decisions and deploy campaigns. Machine-driven technology allows the time savings required for marketers to get back to creative strategy. As a result, you get more effective, personalized campaigns and the ability to course correct faster than ever before. Learn how AI streamlines marketing processes across the customer journey and helps marketers work smarter.



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