This week, we learn what the DataOps and digital transformation trends are and how they can be an effective way to advance your organization. We consider the future of customer service and how artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and humans each play an important role. We highlight how a machine learning (ML) model is being used to predict if seizures will occur in brain injury patients. And finally, we consider how AI is being used to enhance spying to increase social control by some governmental bodies.

Why DataOps is a Major Quality Trend for 2020

by Pierre DeBois, contributing writer for 

DevOps is so 2019. 2020 will take this concept a step further with DataOps. DataOps is creating developer-based protocols for data access, blending, and transformation. This results in better marketing campaign quality, improved customer experience, and increased ROI. How? One reason is that conditional statistics are incorporated, which allow more dimensions and metrics from data transformed from its source that can be compared. Learn the other ways that DataOps will help take businesses to the next level.


What Digital Transformation Is (And Isn’t)

by Cynthia Harvey, contributing writer for

The concept of digital transformation seems to be everywhere. But with so much hype, there also lies a lot of confusion. It’s tough to find a common, widely-accepted definition of exactly what “digital transformations” means. Take a look at a few slides that highlight survey data that helps shed light on what digital transformation is and is not.


The Future of Customer Service–Human or Machine Powered?

by Tom Treanor, contributing writer for

According to Deloitte’s CMO Survey: Fall 2019 report, marketers identify their ability to design, deliver, and monitor the customer experience as their top challenge. As marketers consider ways to improve the customer experience, the role of AI and automation must be considered as part of the strategy. But using this technology needs to align with customer communication and support preferences. This article highlights findings from the consumer survey “AI vs. Human Customer Service: When Do Customers Prefer a Bot?”


Simple Machine Learning Scorecard For Seizures Is Saving Lives

by Ken Kingery, contributing writer for 

Computer scientists have teamed up with physicians to develop a machine learning model that, through a point system, can predict which patients are most at risk of having destructive seizures after suffering a brain injury. This system helps to determine which patients should receive continuous electroencephalography (cEEG) monitoring and could allow hospitals to monitor three times as many patients—saving lives and $54 million each year. Learn more about this incredible, life-saving application of machine learning.


Artificial Intelligence Is Watching Us and Judging Us

by Will Knight, contributing writer for

If you have a feeling that someone is watching you, you might be right. AI has the power to enhance spying, and some authoritarian governments and democracies are adopting the technology as a tool of political and social control. This article (and accompanying podcast episode) examines a few examples of how some countries, including the United States, are currently using this technology. 



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