In this week’s roundup, we focus on the growing trend of companies needing and sourcing data scientists. Several of our articles this week are related to how companies can better identify data science talent by asking five basic questions. We continue to see a large data scientists talent gap; however, it could be becoming “democratized,” which will help bridge the gap. Lastly, many don’t realize that building the perfect AI team isn’t just about data scientists.

Top Five Questions for Data Scientists

by Tom Merritt, Independent Tech Podcaster and Columnist for

Data scientists are becoming increasingly important to organizations as decisions become more data-driven. You need to be able to tell the real and talented data scientists from the pretenders who can only talk the talk. TechRepublic’s Tom Merrit breaks down five questions you should be asking and what to listen for.


Can’t Find Data Scientists? Don’t Worry About It

by Bob Violino, Freelance Writer—Technology and Business featured on

It’s no secret that data scientists continue to be among the most sought-after professionals in all of IT. As organizations continue to look for ways to gain value and insights from their data, these are the people they frequently turn to in order to make sense of all the information. The good news for companies desperate to find a data scientist—it is becoming “democratized,” which will help bridge the talent gap.


Five Ways Businesses Can Use Data Science Tools Without Hiring a Data Scientist

By Alison DeNisco Rayome, Senior Editor for

The massive amounts of data generated from cognitive and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have led to a major challenge for companies: Unlock the value hidden in the numbers, or be placed at a competitive disadvantage. With demand for data scientists at an all-time high, companies must find new tools, staffing models, and training strategies to ensure they can gather actionable business insights from their information, and not fall behind in the market, the report noted.


How to Assemble the Perfect AI team: It’s Not Just About Data Scientists

by Jennifer Roubaud, Vice President of UK and Ireland for Dataiku, featured on

There are numerous reports on the AI talent shortage. Some estimate that there are perhaps 300,000 AI experts worldwide but millions of open positions. What many don’t realize, however, is that building the perfect AI team isn’t just about data scientists. Read more and find out why you need to think outside the box when assembling your AI team.


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