In this week’s roundup, we learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be tapped into to improve CRM sales forecasting and how focusing on your organizational culture may be the key to jumpstart AI deployment momentum within your company. We examine the patterns of technology advancement, specifically as it relates to AI. And finally, we consider the complex future of enterprise technology as we move into the new decade.

Improved Sales Forecasting Through AI and ML

by Geoff Birnes, contributing writer for 

The ability to accurately forecast sales through CRM solutions has been less-than-ideal. Companies battle inaccuracies, typically blaming it on bad data. However, only a quarter of companies are using AI, machine learning ML, and predictive analytics for sales forecasting. And of those who are using the technology, 86 percent have seen a positive return. Predictive analytics can be brought to the CRM to create more accurate sales forecasting and provide actional insights, known as the “intelligent experience.”


Restart Data and AI Momentum This Year

by Jessica Davis, contributing writer for 

We’ve highlighted it before—while large investments have gone into data and AI technologies, most are waiting to see big results. A new survey shows that while executives are excited about the promise of these technologies, their organizations have been slow in changing to accommodate the new technology. This is why you must look towards the organizational culture of your company and help guide it in order to be a data-driven culture.


Going Beyond Machine Learning to Machine Reasoning

by Ron Schmelzer, contributing writer for

When it comes to technology adoption, there are waves of advance and retreat as consistent as the back and forth of sea waves on the shore. There is a continuous pattern of discovery, innovation, interest, investment, cautious optimism, boundless enthusiasm, realization of limitations, technological roadblocks, withdrawal of interest, and retreat of AI research back to academic settings. Read how this pattern holds true for AI. 


What 2020 Holds For Enterprise Tech — The Numbers Alone Don’t Tell the Whole Story

by Kevin Walkup, contributing writer for 

Enterprise technology spending looks as if it is likely to slow down as we continue into the new year. And while the numbers look bleak, there is a bright spot—enterprise software is expected to experience close to 11 percent growth. CIOs and COOs are putting the brakes on tech spending where they only see it giving them marginal advantages over the competition. But they are accelerating investments in data operations and machine learning systems, where they see opportunities for efficiencies and differentiation. 



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