Predictive analytics ‘Gives hospices a lens’ into quality, compliance

By Holly Vossel, contributing writer for

Hospices are leveraging predictive analytics to get a clearer picture of their performance amid regulatory pressures.


The rise of predictive analytics in professional sports

By contributing writers for

In the world of professional sports, predictive analytics is used more and more as teams look to gain a competitive edge. Predictive analytics is the process of using data and statistical models to make predictions about future events or outcomes. By utilizing predictive analytics, teams gain an understanding of how different strategies will affect their performance in the future. On the spectator side, this technology has helped in the analysis of statistics such as NBA picks and various odds to help fans in making informed betting decisions.


Beyond buzzwords: How IoT, big data, and machine learning are transforming businesses

By IoT.nxt, contributing writers for

The convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Machine Learning is changing the way businesses operate. And it’s just starting. As the vaunted Fourth Industrial Revolution gains momentum, businesses need to take proactive steps to integrate advanced technologies into their operations to remain relevant, competitive, and successful. A survey conducted by Deloitte, The Internet of Things: Navigating the Complex IoT Ecosystem, found that 70 percent of surveyed companies have already started implementing IoT technologies, and 88 percent plan to do so in the next year. Indicative of the significance and growing interest and dependency on such technology and its potential to transform business operations.


Machine learning and semiconductor manufacturing

By Samudrapom Dam, contributing writer for

In recent years, significant advancements in ML have influenced several fields beyond computer science, including autonomous driving, structural color design, medicine, and face recognition.


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