In this week’s roundup, find out what impact the pandemic is having on automation in manufacturing and how to sharpen machine learning with smarter management of edge cases.  Plus, learn what it takes to build an effective data analytics team and project ecosystem along with what the 4 biggest trends in big data and analytics are in 2021. And finally, discover the important role that Chief Data Scientists are playing today. 

The pandemic catalyzed a huge leap towards automation in manufacturing that six execs say is here to stay  

By Aaron Holmes, contributing writer for 

Experts long predicted that advances in AI and robotics would transform manufacturing in the coming decades. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the need for automation suddenly became more apparent than ever. 


How to sharpen machine learning with smarter management of edge cases 

by Sadie Williamson, contributing writer for 

Machine learning (ML) applications are transforming business strategy, popping up in every vertical and niche to convert huge datasets into valuable predictions that guide executives to make better business decisions, seize opportunities, and spot and mitigate risks. 


Build an Effective Data Analytics Team and Project Ecosystem for Success    

By Randy Runtsch, contributing writer for 

Over a long career in software development, information security, and data analytics, I have observed that large, complex, and overwhelming projects risk not meeting stakeholders’ needs unless they are exceptionally well-managed. In contrast, most of the successful data analytics projects that I have participated in have been small in scope, scale, team size, and timeline. Instead of taking years to complete, they typically take days, weeks, or several months and usually meet their end-users’ needs. 


The 4 Biggest Trends In Big Data And Analytics Right For 2021 

By Bernard Marr, contributing writer for 

Self-driving cars, lifelike robots, and autonomous delivery drones are the sexy, headline-grabbing face of the digital transformation that we see all around us today. 


The Rise of the Chief Data Scientist 

By Ira Cohen, contributing writer for 

The importance of data science and analytics has skyrocketed in the chaotic post-COVID-19 world as organizations realize they must become more data-driven to survive and embrace digital transformation. With corporate data fueling major decisions at the board of directors and C-suite levels, the need for greater senior leadership at the data science level becomes even more critical. 




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