Artificial intelligence/machine learning reduces mistakes and waste 

By Wayne Labs, contributing writer for 

Good data—and lots of it—is key to making artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) production, inspection and packaging systems work without a hitch, plus well written algorithms to analyze the data and make decisions that will help people and machines function more intelligently. In fact, 3-D vision systems are usually the “eyes” robots use to guide them as they sort and package products or load pallets—3-D because it provides much more data to make intelligent decisions quickly. 


How data intelligence can convert dream of 10-minute delivery into reality 

By Ashwani Rawat, contributing writer for 

Ordering food from our favorite eating place has never been so easy. Especially, as food tech-companies such as Zomato and Swiggy have announced the 10-minute delivery, it’s no less than a technological miracle! 


Five ways data analytics fuels Formula E racing performance 

By Rohit Amarnath, contributing writers for 

To an ordinary fan or a motorsport enthusiast, racing is all about the driver, the car, the engine and the crew. However, there’s one more critical component that is overlooked by a majority of its fans: data. Big data and analytics are progressively becoming an invisible force that is powering the evolution of motorsport. While the technology is no stranger to NASCAR or Formula One (F1), it is now making significant in-roads in the world of Formula E—the pinnacle of electric-vehicle racing and the third-largest form of auto racing in the world. 


The power of decision intelligence: strategies for success 

By Nathan Eddy, contributing writer for 

To deal with unprecedented levels of business complexity and uncertainty, organizations must make accurate and highly contextualized decisions with increasing speed. 


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