Using AI, machine learning and advanced analytics to protect your business

By Stuart Tucker, contributing writer for

Supply chain complications, rising costs and modern consumer expectations are leading to increased business demands, generating a greater need for more efficient processes using the same or fewer resources. Gartner reports the post-COVID working world will introduce even greater organizational challenges, including a sprawling hybrid workforce, lack of critical talent, and increased turnover.


BI tools are in dire need of decision intelligence!

By Aratrika Dutta, contributing writer for

Decision Intelligence has been receiving much buzz lately. McKinsey predicts that 70% of businesses will use decision intelligence in some form or the other by 2030. Gartner predicts Decision Intelligence as one of the top technology trends of 2022. Towards the end of this blog, you will understand why.


Cancer detection is making strides thanks to predictive analytics

By Adam Patterson, contributing writer for

The Department of Veterans Affairs and National Institutes of Health are overseeing programs to improve the outcomes for particularly dangerous cancers using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve detection rates.


How decision intelligence can transform industrial and supply chain operations

By Mithun Nagabhairava, contributing writer for

As more businesses move towards complete digital transformation, the amount of data generated increases exponentially. As just one measure, IDC predicts there will be 175 zettabytes of data worldwide by 2025. Properly analyzed, such volumes of diverse structured and unstructured enterprise data can reap tremendous insights for enhanced business decision-making across industrial production and supply chain environments.


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