In this week’s roundup, we take a look at why now is the perfect time to deepen investments in AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) and how women are breaking glass ceilings at the crossroads of AI and biotechnology. We also learn why AI ethics are top-of-mind for business leaders and what nonprofits can do now to get a jumpstart on end-of-year fundraising.

Advantage ROI: Optimize AI Programs for Short-Term Gains

by Jerry Kurtz, contributing writer to

Is your business’s AI investment giving you a 5x return within six months? If not, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. Before the novel coronavirus, most companies had longer-term plans for implementing AI technologies and were comfortable with a lower ROI. But with tighter budgets, it would benefit many organizations to shift their focus and go full-speed ahead to implement the solutions that deliver the most ROI with the clearest opportunities for cost reductions. This approach will increase the quality of your data while decreasing your data costs.  


Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling—a Spring for Women in Artificial Intelligence

by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, contributing writer for

Like many STEM fields, AI and biomedicine have long been dominated by men—especially in top leadership positions. While recent years have seen these two fields converging, the global pandemic has shone a light on the possibilities for how AI can supercharge biomedicine, and in particular drug discovery. Several recent high-profile hires of women to leadership positions at healthcare companies suggest that more women are entering these professions and finding success at the highest levels. 


Why We Should Use Today’s Downtime to Train ML Systems

 by Jeff Fried, contributing writer for

Understandably, many companies are still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic. But, for those that are dealing with a slowdown (or shutdown), now is an excellent time to gain a competitive advantage in the realms of AI and machine learning. Considering that 91% of enterprise companies have intentions of deploying AI but only 14% have, this is the perfect time to position your business for future success. Just like employees, ML systems take time to train, so it makes sense to implement ML now and come out of the pandemic with smarter, more capable technologies in place.


Why AI Ethics Is Even More Important Now

by Lisa Morgan, contributing writer for

AI ethics, which not too long ago was not a top priority for most companies, is suddenly a hot topic due to widespread discussions about contact-tracing apps. As businesses begin to reopen and such AI-powered apps become available, leaders are grappling with the obvious privacy concerns. However, many are sorely behind when it comes to more nuanced ethical implications of AI. To succeed, ethical AI requires business leaders, risk management professionals, and technology professionalsto be on the same page and working together. 


It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Annual Campaign

by Elizabeth Neufeld, contributing writer for

With in-person events canceled and volunteering limited by social distancing, many nonprofits are experiencing a slowdown of work. If that is true of your nonprofit, then now is the perfect time to get a headstart on your end-of-year fundraising planning. As many in the field know, these long-term planning efforts are often pushed to the back burner as we focus on more pressing efforts. If you start now with tasks such as auditing last year’s campaign, selecting a theme, and creating a calendar, your future self will thank you—and you’re more likely to have a well-planned, successful annual campaign.


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