Machine learning identifies first British fossil of therizinosaur dinosaur

By Natural History Museum, contributing writers

Teeth found in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Dorset are believed to belong to the maniraptorans, a group of dinosaurs, including Velociraptor, which include birds as their closest relatives. These dinosaurs evolved into numerous species during the Middle Jurassic, but because fossils during this time are scarce, knowledge of their origins are scarce too.


Unleash the power of Big Data: Tips and tricks to get you started

By Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji Bello, contributing writer for

In today’s digital age, big data has become essential in pushing your business to the next level in terms of growth and success. Companies looking to scale up can always look toward Big data. But what is big data, and why do you need it?


Revolutionizing the travel industry with big data analytics

By Naveen Joshi, contributing writer for

Big data is revolutionizing the travel industry, providing businesses with valuable insights to enhance their services and pricing strategies.


AI and predictive analytics: Moving from insights to foresight

By Karlien Vanden Eynde, contributing writer for

In a short time, AI-powered technology like predictive analytics has gone from seeming like futuristic features only a few organizations could access, to something attainable for all businesses. This rapid evolution has a lot of businesses wondering: How can they take advantage of predictive AI and analytics now?


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