7 real-life applications of machine learning

By Wasay Ali, contributing writer for Makeuseof.com

Machine learning, or ML, is an offshoot of artificial intelligence (AI) and has garnered significant attention due to the emergence of AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E. It enables computer systems to adapt and learn from experiences, making it a widely recognized concept. While its popularity has grown recently, machine learning is already prevalent in numerous real-life scenarios.


Digital twins analytics in predictive analytics

By Ajitjaokar, contributing writer for Datasciencecentral.com

Digital twins analytics has been applied in a variety of contexts. Today, digital twins are gaining in popularity for various complex projects.   In this article, we explore the use of digital twins for simulation tasks. We first explain the significance of simulation and then explain how complex manufacturing processes may be simulated as a digital twin.


With predictive analytics, companies can tap the ultimate opportunity: customers’ routines

By Rachel Layne, contributing writer for hbswk.hbs.edu

If knowing what customers need is marketing gold, pinpointing exactly when they need it may just be platinum.


How predictive analytics can help developers anticipate users needs

By Polina Tibets, contributing writer for Informationweek.com

Software users are four times more likely to switch to other applications after a poor experience with the software, such as persistent issues, frequent crashes or errors, or an unintuitive user interface. To meet the ever-changing needs of users, software developers can leverage predictive analytics. This is the use of user data history, statistical modeling, and machine learning to predict or influence future decision-making.


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