AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics are trends moving from 2018 into 2019 and are the focus in this week’s roundup. We have identified several articles this week detailing why all three trends should be in your 2019 strategic business plan. Inversely, we acknowledge that 91 percent of senior executives understand the need for adopting AI and Machine Learning however only 56 percent are using them. Lastly, we highlight why predictive analytics will revolutionalize the digital retail industry.

5 Important Artificial Intelligence Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Should Read

by Bernard Marr, Internationally Best-Selling Author & Speaker featured on

Artificial Intelligence–specifically machine learning and deep learning–was everywhere in 2018 and don’t expect the hype to die down in 2019. The hype will die eventually of course, and AI will become another consistent thread in the tapestry of our lives, just like the internet, or electricity. But for at least the next year, expect astonishing breakthroughs as well as continued excitement and hyperbole from commentators.


Top Five Business Analytics Intelligence Trends for 2019

by Michael Baxter, Data Analytics & Data Science Author featured on

From explainable AI to natural language humanizing data analytics, James Eiloart from Tableau gives his take on the top five trends in business analytics intelligence as we head into 2019.


Mind the Gap: AI and Machine Learning Lag in Adoption

By Tom Foremski, Freelance Journalist featured on

Despite acknowledging the value of AI and machine learning technologies most business organizations are lagging behind in using them. More than 91 percent of senior executives understand that AI and machine learning is important but only 56 percent are using them. Simplr’s Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product Amit Sood discusses this problem and how Simplr tries to solve if for small to medium size businesses.


Predictive Analytics: Ready to Revolutionize the Retail Industry

by Nishant Maliakel Oommen Digital Marketing Consultant, Cloudnix featured on MarTech Advisors

The retail world is exposed to fierce competition, both digitally and in person. The mere opportunity to tap into diverse clientele has allured almost all brands around the world to hop into the data wagon. With the use, behavioral analytics retailers can overcome their biggest challenge of when to precisely predict sales opportunities.



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