From data analysis to decision intelligence

By Calum Chase, contributing writer for

There seems to be something of a paradox in modern AI. In academia and within the tech giants of the US and China, research is galloping ahead, but the deployment of modern AI in industry and government organizations is advancing at a more stately pace.


The risks of empowering “Citizen Data Scientists”

By Reid Blackman & Tamara Sipes, contributing writers for

Until recently, the prevailing understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset machine learning (ML) was that expert data scientists and AI engineers were the only people that could push AI strategy and implementation forward. That was a reasonable view. After all, data science generally, and AI in particular, is a technical field requiring, among other things, expertise that requires many years of education and training to obtain.


Top 10 AI and machine learning stories of 2022

By Andrea Fox, contributing writer for

Healthcare’s comfort level with artificial intelligence and machine learning models – and skill at deploying them across myriad clinical, financial and operational use cases – continued to increase in 2022.


Simulation and predictive analytics boost forecast capabilities

By Mary K. Pratt, contributing writer for

Analytics is essential for data-driven organizations to make decisions, but predictive analytics and simulations are key for understanding future trends and determining optimal responses.


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