Read how AI is impacting the banking sector and allowing federal and state agencies to meet their mission. Also in this week’s roundup, read how marketers are increasingly able to choose the right performance metrics in ML models. Lastly, discover what ethical considerations AI developers are taking when working on robotics projects. 

Ways Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Banking Sector 

By Aileen Scott, contributing writer for 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of the most demanding and fast-paced industries. The impact of AI in the investment banking industry and financial sector has been phenomenal and it is completely redefining the way they function, create products and services, and how they transform the customer experience.  


Marketers: Choose the Right Performance Metrics in Machine Learning Models 

By Pierre DeBois, contributing writer for 

Remember feeling nervous before a school exam? For marketers today, a quiz about what keeps a machine learning model in balance would feel just as scary.   


How federal and state agencies are meeting the mission with AI 

By Alexis Bonnell, contributing writer for 

Artificial intelligence tools are increasingly being used by government agencies to meet their mission needs. This last year in particular, the need to help people remotely and respond to the public health crisis pushed many federal and state agency leaders to evaluate and implement AI tools. 


Building Ethical Guardrails into AI-Driven Robotic Assistants 

By James G. Kobielus, contributing writer for 

Ethics is a minefield of considerations for AI developers, most notably with respect to how to ensure that autonomous robots embedded with this technology don’t “go rogue” and thereby risk the lives, property, and reputations of their users and of society at large. 


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