How machine learning enables computers to think faster and work smarter

By Carnegie Melon University, contributing writers for

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business and technology, optimizing computational efficiency is key to breaking new ground. At the International Conference for Machine Learning held July 23–29 in Honolulu, researchers presented a paper exploring whether an algorithm called Ford-Fulkerson—which computes the maximum flow in a network—can work faster by using machine learning.


Top databases for artificial intelligence, IoT, deep learning, machine learning, data science, and other software applications

By Mansi Rawat, contributing writer for

Without databases, most software applications would not be possible. Databases are the cornerstone of every type and size application: web-based ones for data storage through enterprise-level projects that require high volume amounts or speed in transferring large chunks across networks; an embedded system where you can find low-level interfaces with tight timing requirements unlike anything else compared to real-time systems. Of course, we can’t miss Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, HPC, Blockchain, and IoT, which totally relies on data and definitely need a database to store them and process them later.


What is big data analytics and why it is important?

By Simplilearn, contributing writers for

Today, Big Data is the hottest buzzword around. With the amount of data being generated every minute by consumers and businesses worldwide, there is significant value to be found in Big Data analytics.


Predictive analytics: How generative AI is paving the way for immersive insights

By Dmytro Spilka, contributing writer for

It appears all but certain that generative AI, or one of its leading products, such as ChatGPT, will become the technological buzzword of the year for 2023. The rapid development and rollout of these advanced artificial intelligence programs have been both astonishing and worrisome for those fearing the dangers of growth that outpaces regulation. While it’s impossible to predict where generative AI will lead us, it already appears to be driving significant change in the realm of analytics.


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