This week, a deluge of data is causing many organizations to adjust their analytics approach for both internal employees and external clients. Plus, machine learning helping NASA explore Mars. 

Machine Learning to Power the Future of Streaming Analytics 

By William L. Bain, contributing writer for 

Our intelligent devices generate more data than ever before. Today’s population of IoT devices numbers more than 10 billion worldwide, and by some estimates, there will be more than 25.4 billion devices by 2025, generating an unfathomable 73.1 ZB (zettabytes) of data. It is not humanly possible to track even a minuscule fraction of that incoming telemetry and analyze it to quickly extract needed business intelligence or spot issues and growing trends in real time. 


Analytics transformation in wealth management 

By Anutosh Banerjee, Fumiaki Katsuki, Vishal Kaushik, Aditya Saxena, Sanchit Suneja and Renny Thomas, contributing writers for 

The wealth management industry is typically seen as embodying old-fashioned values and providing discrete, tailored services. These attributes remain valuable parts of the business, but for many clients, they are no longer sufficient. In a highly connected world, people want faster and more convenient offerings and a cutting-edge digital experience. Amid rising competition, established wealth managers need to keep pace with new offerings as they retain the values that set them apart. 


Machine learning algorithms help scientists explore Mars 

By Joanna Wendel, contributing writer for 

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring the Red Planet’s surface for nearly a decade, with its main mission being to determine whether Mars was once habitable. While the rover’s investigations have indeed confirmed that Mars was once a watery world filled with potentially life-sustaining chemistry, there’s still much to learn. Curiosity’s mountains of data offer an opportunity to use machine learning algorithms to investigate the planet’s surface in even more detail. 


A Data Deluge Is Coming, Courtesy of Automation 

By Drew Rob, contributing writer for 

As more automation is added, systems are integrated, and sensors and Internet of Things devices are hooked up, a deluge of data is gathered that can rapidly swamp IT and HR systems. 


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