How companies profit from customer data and predictive analytics

By Areeya Lila, contributing writer for

Companies have long realized the value of data. It’s been said that data is the new oil. But many businesses may not realize just how valuable their customer data is. This blog post will explore how companies can profit from customer data by unifying and consolidating it for predictive analytics. Keep reading to learn more!


Leveraging decision intelligence for better business

By Prangya Pandab, contributing writer for

The success of any business is mostly dependent on effective decisions made on time. Decision-making among enterprises has, however, often hit a complexity ceiling. The complexity of the situations in which important decisions must be made as well as the number of variables that must be taken into account considerably outweigh the human ability to consistently make the right choices. Also, during the past couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic has also brought attention to the risk that operations depending on humans pose to business excellence and continuity.


What is DeepMind?

By Stephanie Pappas, contributing writer for

DeepMind is an artificial intelligence technology that uses machine learning to solve problems that computers haven’t traditionally been able to tackle, such as beating humans at the game Go and predicting the myriad ways in which proteins can fold themselves into functional shapes. DeepMind’s tech is already used in real-world applications. For example, it plays a role in slashing energy use at computing data centers and optimizing phone battery life.


Why fans crave predictive analytics, and how sports can deliver them

By Nancy Hensley, contributing writer for

In his “Comedy Camisado” special, Hannibal Buress talks about “Bold Predictions,” an NFL segment where “four dudes sit around a table” and say outlandish things. He launches into a pretend conversation between two hosts:


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