This week’s roundup discusses the balance between using algorithms v. intuition to guide decision-making, how data science is fueling business growth, and the need for more ‘right-brained’ data scientists.

Go With Your Gut: When You Can Ignore the Algorithms

by Lin Pophal, featured on EContent

A Harvard Business Review case study recently posed a provocative question: when should humans listen to algorithms vs. when should they trust their own experience and intuition? For this case study, the issue related to which of two employees to choose for a promotion. But, given the widespread applications for the use of big data and the power of predictive analytics, the question could be applied to any field or area of business practice—including content marketing.


Data Science Key to Business Growth

by Ma. Lisbet K. Esmael, featured on The Manila Times

Data has now become the world’s most valuable resource fueling growth and change, according to Filipino data scientist Erika Legara. “You need data scientists who can crunch data and who can put insights and communicate these insights so that decision makers can make data-driven decisions,” she said. She noted that despite increased demand for data science professionals, only a few schools were offering targeted training.


The Art of Data Science

by Richard Boire, Senior Vice President at Environics Analytics, featured on Predictive Analytics Times

In a world of increasing automation, the skillset of the data scientist will evolve as demand will shift from the more technical type requirements to the so-called softer skills of applying their data science knowledge to solving business problems. In this evolution, the right-brain of the data scientist will be emphasized as data scientists need to exercise more of their creative skills as they attempt to apply their knowledge to a myriad number of business problems.



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