This week’s roundup discusses why CIO’s will continue to lead the digital transformation age, common missteps in analytics that can derail your data outcomes, and how data-rich Human Resource teams are taking the next steps to help better benefit their employees. We also feature articles that cover the use of predictive analytics to help with energy demands by reducing downtimes to save money and how visualization can support your business intelligence strategy.

Why CIOs Will Lead Digital Transformation

By Raj Sabhlok, President of Zoho Corporation featured on InformationWeek

IT executives are leading key innovation efforts, and it looks like more of their peers will do the same. With digital transformation disrupting industry after industry InformationWeek hosted guest writer and President of Zoho to discuss why CIOs will continue to lead the charge with the continuation of technology advances.


3 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Team’s Predictive Analytics Efforts

by Eric Siegel, Technology & Operations Digital writer for Harvard Business Review

With today’s high demand for data scientists and the high salaries that they command, it’s often not practical for companies to keep them on staff.  Instead, many organizations work to ramp up their existing staff’s analytics skills, including predictive analytics. But organizations need to proceed with caution. Predictive analytics is especially easy to get wrong if you don’t follow certain key steps.


Predictive Analytics Will Be The Silent Game-Changer In Employee Benefits

by Adam Goldberg, Founder & CEO of Torchlight, Technology Council writer for

Unsurprisingly enough many human resource departments are swimming in rich data. However, many lack the internal support and the tools to utilize this data in a meaningful way. Instead of guessing the benefits employees need, employers can now turn to their data to determine their benefit offerings. Companies spend 25-40% of an employee’s salary on benefits. It merely makes strategic and financial sense to get it right.


Using Predictive Analytics to Keep Up with Energy Demand

by Arun Santhebennur, a Technology writer at

Silicon Valley Power implemented a system using machine-learning technology to monitor critical power plant components. The solution has proven to reduce downtime and save money. Furthermore, its wireless predictive maintenance program has provided an outstanding return on investment.


Why Data Visualization is Crucial for Business Intelligence

by Andrea Steffes-Tuttle, Director of Marketing at

In our latest post, we discuss why data visualization is crucial to business intelligence (BI) and how to use a visual communication to turn your data into actionable insights in C-Suite meetings.



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