How Point-and-Click Advanced Analytics Make Analyzing Data Insights Easier

Gary Robinson Optimization, Predictive Analytics

Now You Don’t Have to Be a Computer Programmer to Benefit from Predictive Analytics and Constrained Optimization Advanced analytics and “Big Data” are driving decisions in a massive way, and the scope is only going to expand. Collecting precise data offers companies unlimited possibilities to improve their marketing efficiency. Making better and faster decisions with data is becoming critical for …

journey analytics

Journey Analytics: The Next Big Thing in CX

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Predictive Analytics

Customer journey mapping is not new, but the methods by which Customer Experience (CX) professionals are discovering optimal paths-to-purchase are getting much more sophisticated, thanks to the power of journey analytics. What Is Journey Analytics? Where traditional customer journey mapping methods have mostly been standalone exercises centered around channel behavior, journey analytics is an ongoing process that looks to real-time …

Empower Your Business with Constrained Optimization and Predictive Analytics

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Predictive Analytics

It’s an exciting time to work with technology. Daily, it seems there’s a new tool or approach released that enables us, the people working with data, to do our jobs better. One of the powerful approaches we focus on is predictive analytics. This approach isn’t exactly new—we’ve been in the business for years. But, it has become more accessible. This, …

Marketers vs. Machines: Can your experience beat our models?

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Nonprofit, Predictive Analytics

Lityx and Concord Direct have joined together to offer a free interactive webinar on how to improve your next fundraising program and increase ROI. Nonprofits often face obstacles when it comes to fundraising. Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time and in the right place is no easy task. Can advanced analytics trump experience when …

Is Your Organization Ready for a Prospect Management Program?

Steve Ludwig Nonprofit, Predictive Analytics

Fundraising is basically B2B sales. One of the common elements between B2Bs and fundraisers is the value of the prospects in the CRM and the amount of resources necessary to close a transaction. A B2B marketer works with $100K+ business prospects, just as a major-gifts fundraiser solicits $100K+ prospects for donations. A hypothetical B2B campaign might look like this: Initial …

The ‘Catch 22’: Using Analytics to Demonstrate Impact

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Nonprofit, Predictive Analytics

There’s a common ‘Catch 22’ that nonprofits experience, one you’ve most likely had to confront if you’re involved in acquiring donors and leading direct marketing campaigns. As a nonprofit, your ultimate goal is to create an impact. You need to demonstrate that impact in order to access funding, but alas, you need funding to create infrastructure and provide the capacity …

nonprofit marketing analytics

Six Steps to Reach Your Ideal Donors

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Predictive Analytics

With tight budgets and lots of competition—there are 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S. — charitable organizations have their work cut out for them. Add in the fact that potential donors are bombarded with fundraising requests through social media, email, and crowdfunding sites, and it becomes clear that traditional spray-and-pray marketing won’t generate the revenue nonprofits need to survive. …

marketing ROI advanced analtyics

Improve Marketing ROI With Advanced Analytics

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Predictive Analytics

These days, business leaders demand more than gut feelings to back up marketing spending decisions. No wonder CMOs are turning to marketing models and advanced analytics to improve the ROI on their ever-growing list of marketing programs. As most of us know, ROI helps to measure the return on investment from the amount you spend on marketing efforts. Sometimes called …

third-party customer data

Does Third-party Data Help You Better Understand Your Customers?

Simon Poole Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics

Is it worth appending third party data to better understand your customers? Invariably one will be in a better position to understand what their best customers look like. This is foundational knowledge for any marketer and can then be used to inform messaging and marketing communication. Moreover, third party data will enable more precise target marketing that can dramatically improve …