LityxIQ product demoThis week’s roundup discusses how increasing data governance accelerates innovation, a new form of intelligence that blends human and machine smarts, taking a data-driven approach to customer journey optimization, and how to maximize ROI on your digital media spend.

Ethical Data Science Is Good Data Science

by Steve Touw, Co-Founder and CTO at Immuta, featured on Datanami

The future of data privacy is about more than letting consumers know how and where there data is collected. Data-driven companies and the developers of tomorrow’s technology need to think beyond privacy checkboxes and build technology that allows us to manage how our data is used.


The New Form of Intelligence You’ll Need

by Sintia Radu, Staff Writer at U.S. News & World Report

With the advent of new technologies, experts now say the definition of intelligence is changing. Smart people are not just individuals capable of solving complicated problems on their own, but also those who understand the way artificial intelligence, or AI, can best serve them. Simply put, understanding technology is essential.


Paving a Consumer’s Journey: From Research to Retrieval, and Data’s Role

by Eric Matisoff, Analytics & Data Science Evangelist at Adobe, featured on InfoWorld

Data helps marketers orchestrate the customer journey, but you must first have a framework for how you map it to the customer journey, how you measure what’s working and understand how to use it to course-correct, or optimize, your promotions.


Ensure Maximum Return on Your Digital Investments

by Andrea Steffes-Tuttle, Director of Marketing at Lityx

Given the nature of the digital medium, it’s easy to know, pretty quickly how campaigns are performing and who’s responding through an open, click, or conversion. This accessibility to performance data makes it ripe for the use of predictive analytics and optimization.



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